The Little Things – What’s Yours?


The highlight of my day today was not the contract that I reviewed nor the complex legal memorandum I authored.  Today, the greatness was looking at my youngest son and saying, “Why yes, I would love to cut the crust off of your sandwich when I pack your lunch.”  It was hugging my oldest son with all my might, relieved to see his smile returning after struggling with a difficult issue.  It was playing my daughter’s choir CD in the car over and over again as she practiced singing for the upcoming program.  It was helping her twin with his math homework because we both struggle with long division.  It was sharing a cup of tea with a special friend.  It was preparing my husband’s favorite meal for dinner.  It was making ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies for my family to enjoy as an evening treat.  

My law degree did not contribute to these little things.  Some may not see these little things as grand or even worth mentioning, but these little things are the big things.  They are simple expressions of deep love for the people that I love. They may seem trivial, but the reality is that the giving of these little things return as a gift to the giver in the form of joy. Today, I have great joy in getting to do these things.  These little things are not my chore. These little things are my privilege and my joy.

What little things in life are your big thImageings?


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