No Break Spring Break 2014


Spring Break 2014 in Red River, NM was epic. As my mom would say, “We licked all the sugar off that candy!”

After skiing 5 days without a single incident, with only 2 hours of ski time remaining, my dear husband Troy succumbed to the altitude and was overcome with delirium. He saw Tanner and Tia shredding and rocking some major jumps on one of the black diamond runs. Not to be outdone, a serious delusion set in… He thought to himself, “I am Iron Man!” It was his reality. Until the third jump where he was reminded he is not Iron Man. Rather he is a gray haired 47-yr old white man that can’t jump, much less jump on skis.

Ski patrol was kind enough to feed him his “humble pie” and drive him down the mountain. Meanwhile, our ski professional super-hero children impatiently waited at the bottom of the mountain thinking, “What is taking daddy so long?” Fortunately the x-Ray confirmed no breaks in his bones. We will try to get into an ortho on Monday to determine whether the soft tissue injury will require surgical repair. In the mean time, he has to keep the knee immobilized with a brace and use crutches.

I had the joy of packing the car with all of our ski gear and then drove us home yesterday. Troy was literally a backseat driver while Tia kept me company as my co-pilot. He doesn’t seem to be in much pain. But I think the thought of March Madness on TV and a wife waiting on him hand and foot is quite the silver lining. Tia has already decorated his crutches in pillow pets to keep him comfortable. And I think the purple unicorn in particular is a good reality check…. You are not Iron Man! Gotta love him. Thank you Lord for your covering. And despite the ending, it was a very blessed spring break!




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