Giving Thanks.


Reading is the key to unlocking doors in our world. I am thankful for interesting reads and the writers who pen them.



From The Mouth of Babes


My 11-yr old daughter has learned about two societal norms this week that have really disturbed her. She heard the word abortion and asked what it meant. And she learned about legalized marijuana in some states. When I explained them to her, she had a visceral reaction with a crinkled brow face.

She apparently has been pondering these issues because tonight she asked out of the blue, “Mom, can a Christian not tell anyone they are Christian and run for Governor or President? I don’t mean lie, but just not say anything. And then when they get elected, do a lot of things with other Christians to help our country not be so bad?”

Such a profound statement from a young girl. It says a lot about a lot of things.


If I put up with that…. Does that make me a doormat?


IMG_2951.PNGIf anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. -Matthew 5:39 NIV

People that deliver insults expect an insult in return. It is unnatural to withhold an insult for an insult; it requires humility and an intentional decision to control your reactive anger. But doing so is a reflection of the indwelling of Jesus and sets you apart from the rest. In other words, if you can respond with love instead of hatred or anger, you might grab someone’s attention and have a chance to share the gospel; if not verbally, through your actions.

“Turn to them the other cheek” does not mean you must be a total pacifist under every circumstance; it only pertains to personal offenses, such as an offense to one’s dignity. For example, it does not mean that anyone should tolerate abuse, criminal offenses, acts of violence, nor acts of military aggression.

It takes courage and Christ-like love to turn the other cheek. Righteous peace (not victimization) is found in humility. And that type of peace is far better than being consumed by the toxicity of ego and vengeance. Turning the other cheek does not make you a doormat, it is the ultimate sign of strength and spiritual health.
Christian Life Coach