There’s something about the start of a New Year that motivates people to resolve to change some part of their life.

Resolve: To DECIDE FIRMLY on a course of action.

Making a decision starts with the brain. We’ve all heard that writing specific resolutions and putting them somewhere visible will improve the likelihood of success. I tend to agree with that approach because it serves as a visible reminder to our brain that we resolved (decided firmly) to make an important change.

But once your brain firmly decides to make a change, the actual change itself has to occur in your heart. Think about it, it’s hard for us to deny whatever our heart desires whether it’s good or bad for us. Our brain tells us one thing (right, wrong, good, bad), but our heart…. Well our heart wants what our heart wants and it usually controls our ultimate behavior and actions. A change of heart (not just a decision in the brain) is where our life can transform into something new.

So somewhere along the way, we have to connect our brain’s decisions to the transformation of our heart’s desires. So how do we connect our mind and heart?

We start with our Spirit!

Spirit: The nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.

There’s several practical ways to ignite your spirit, but it almost always starts with a prayer. Pray to God to know your resolutions and to help you achieve transformation. With God for you, who or what can be against you? No one! Nothing! You can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens you.

So let’s recap:
1. Resolve (decide firmly) with your brain.
2. Write your specific resolution on a notecard or piece of paper and place it before you.
3. Announce to God your specific resolutions and pray for Him to: bless your resolutions, walk alongside you to help you achieve your resolutions, and to change your heart. (This ignites the Spirit!)
4. Place the written resolutions in a place where you can see it and read it daily (be intentional about reading it).
5. Repeat the prayer daily. This can be a quick prayer, but never cease in praying because it keeps God on your side.
6. Witness the transformation of your heart and the successful achievement of what you resolve to do in your life.

There’s so much more you can do to ignite your spirit to move in your life. But that would occupy the space of a book rather than a lengthy fb post!

Happy New Year! May you achieve all that you resolve to achieve in 2015.

Nicie Lee
Christian Life Coach



His First Crush


My son (10) informed me last week that he met the nicest person he has ever met. Her name is Hazel. She is a student at his school and this is the first year to get to know her. When I asked what she does to be so nice, he explained that she has a soft voice and she is really nice to everyone and never makes fun of anyone. She likes to help people. And she makes these cool mini clay creatures and sells them for $.25. He placed an order for a bat (the animal, not the sporting kind). Today she gave him the bat to hang on his backpack; upside down of course. He apparently gave her $1 because he liked it so much. Sigh. May he always appreciate the company of the kind and creative Hazel’s of the world.


Little Green ‘Mater


I’ve never had a green thumb. A few years ago I started growing potted plants in my courtyard. This was a big deal for me because I am one of those people that can somehow manage to kill an ivy. I am proud to say, I actually still have some of those plants alive today. And I love them like babies. I talk to them; yes, the crazy lady that loves to wear hats and talks to her wilting plants. They have lived despite my unknowing.

I have also attempted to grow various vegetables over the years. Those were all big fat failures for different reasons.

Then last year I was so excited to see 3 small berries on one of my strawberry plants! The next morning I eagerly went to check on their progress only to discover that some critter had chomped bites out of each berry, only leaving enough flesh to taunt me. Boo.

So this year I set out to try again. I ordered heirloom seeds online and planted tomatoes. The seeds eventually sprouted and some grew taller than others and I was excited. And then they seemed to just stop. Everyday they appeared stunted and struggling. And now it’s October and I am discouraged thinking it will freeze before too long. Boo. I will try again next year.

I stopped going out everyday to study their progress. With all the rain, I haven’t needed to water them as much. I had mostly given up on keeping them resuscitated. It seemed almost inhumane to delay their certain fruitless demise.

And then my hubby called to me this weekend and said, “Have you seen your plants lately? You’ve got a little ‘mater growing on one.” (Yes, he calls them ‘maters.) I walked out hesitantly with half doubt to see if he was pulling my leg. Low and behold there was indeed a tiny little green tomato. And today we spotted a second one.

I do not know whether these tomatoes will grow or if some critter will have it for a tasty feast. But it has brought me happiness and one step closer to possibly one day growing something my family and I can eat!

But here is why my little green tomato is really so special… I had become impatient; frustrated with no movement and no growth. I had no faith in me or in nature and wrote it off based on my past experiences. And all the while God was working. And when I had just about given up, there was my little green tomato. And then today there are two.

How often do we do the same thing with circumstances in our lives? All too often we become impatient and give up before God has a chance to deliver his prize. My little green ‘maters taught me quite a lesson.

Let us all keep our faith, even when God is taking His time to work in us, or we may miss His prize.

Nicie Lee is a Christian Life Coach that can help with matters of the heart, relationships, daily life or work issues.

My Dear Ernest Hemingway


Non-bookworms need not waste their energy on this post.

I finally finished reading A Farewell to Arms. It’s a great American classic written by the tortured soul, e.h. It was the first book to give him some notoriety as a writer and has been adapted for the stage and screen more than once. I wanted to like this book. In fact, I wanted to love this book. I purchased it last summer when my husband took me to tour e.h.’s former Key West home, so even the actual physical book and pages are sentimental to me.

Can I just say….
B E A T D O W N?!?!

It took me a year to read it. Yes, 1 year people! And not because I couldn’t comprehend e.h.’s short, choppy, staccato style sentences that so many literary critics have admired over the years. I just had to take it in small doses. But I was determined to finish it, because I didn’t want it to finish me. As a bibliophile, I have never had such a time with a book.

e.h’s experience in the war came through on the pages in a fascinating way….. But his writing style is like a drunk and angry man stabbing mashed potatoes with a butcher knife when a small spoon will do. And the entire story ended with great abruption. It was as if he woke up one morning raging from his own love-scorned past and decided to end it all. “No more for you. Take that!”

I both longed for and loathed this book every night that it mocked me from my nightstand. I wanted to read this book just so it would end. And when it finally ended, I turned the last pages back and forth staring at “THE END” in utter disbelief thinking, “He can’t do that!?! There has to be more!”

e.h. is recognized as one of the best American writers of all time. I really want to be in agreement with the masses and like this author, but every time I try to read e.h, I think, “This is angry, tortured, crap. But no one else thinks this is crap. What is wrong with me? Why do I think it’s crap? And why do I care that no one else thinks it’s crap? Is it really only me?”

If I know anything about e.h., he would probably say, “I don’t give a #%@ what you or anyone else thinks about my writing” and toss back another stiff drink. I think I will stick with admiring e.h. for his great marlin fishing expeditions. And my nightstand will finally be free of e.h. No more e.h. for me…… For now.